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A gripping novel of love, passion, betrayal, and heartbreak in the unstable Tudor court following the death of King Henry VIIIClever, level headed Katherine Parr has suffered through four years of marriage to the aging and irascible King Henry VIII and she has survived, unlike the five wives who came before her But less than a year after the old king s death, her heart is won by the dashing Thomas Seymour, and their hasty union undoes a lifetime of prudent cautionAn unwilling witness to the queen s late blossoming love, Catherine, Duchess of Suffolk, harbors nagging suspicions of Kate s handsome and ambitious new husband But as Catherine is drawn deeper into the web of politics ensnaring her oldest friend, it gradually becomes clear that she has her own dark tale to tell For though Thomas might betray his wife for power, Catherine might betray her for passion, risking everything she has in a world where love is a luxury not even royalty can easily afford The Sixth Wife

About the Author: Suzannah Dunn

Suzannah Dunn was born in London, and grew up in the village of Northaw in Hertfordshire for Tudor fans Northaw Manor was the first married home of Bess Hardwick, in the late 1540s Having lived in Brighton for nineteen years, she now lives in Shropshire Her novel about Anne Boleyn The Queen of Subtleties was followed by The Sixth Wife, on Katherine Parr, and The Queen s Sorrow, set during the reign of Mary Tudor, Bloody Mary , England s first ruling queen Her forthcoming novel to be published in hardback in May 2010 is The Confession of Katherine Howard Prior to writing about the Tudors, she published five contemporary set novels and two collections of stories She has enjoyed many years of giving talks and teaching creative writing from six weeks as writer in residence on the Richard and Judy show, to seven years as Programme Director of Manchester University s MA in Novel Writing.

10 thoughts on “The Sixth Wife

  1. Josephine (Jo) Josephine (Jo) says:

    This is an exciting and well imagined story of Katherine Parr, the last wife of Henry Vlll The whole sorry tale is narrated by Catherine, Duchess of Suffolk, best friend of Katherine since childhood Catherine was the daughter of Mar a de Salinas, who

  2. Shannon Shannon says:

    When selecting this book please beware Both the title and the cover illustration are deceiving as both clearly suggest that the focus is Henry VIII s sixth wife and Queen, Katherine Parr However, this novel s central character and narrator is Catherine

  3. Barb Barb says:

    This is the fourth novel about Katherine Parr that I ve tried to enjoy The other three I didn t even finish so I guess that could be considered something positive about this book It was an easy read.Unfortunately I found the Epilogue to be farinteresting t

  4. Dawn Dawn says:

    Where to begin The 1st part of the book was like watching a train wreck I couldn t look away about halfway through, it began to drag I read the author s notes about her use of modern language mindsets and how she didn t want to actually write historical ficti

  5. Kelly Kelly says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here The title of this book and the byline which reads She survived Henry VIII to be betrayed by love is very misleading Anyone, myself included, would have expected this book to be about

  6. Gumble& Gumble& says:

    Account by Catherine Brandon wife of Henry VIII s best friend Charles and friend of Elizabeth Parr, of Catherine Parr s marriage to Thomas Seymour The book is very deliberately written with 21st century dialogue and names Tom, Kate, Kathy, Ed , something the author

  7. Natasa Natasa says:

    I was very disappointed by this book by both the author s writing style and the premise of the story Not enough historical truth or even plausibility for a true lover of historical fiction.

  8. Pamela Pamela says:

    This turned out to be a novel that just happens to use Katherine Parr, Thomas Seymour, and Catherine, Duchess of Suffolk, as major characters It concerns a romantic encounter which is purely fiction The places are correct, the people are correct, but the plot is not It i

  9. Nikki Nikki says:

    I wanted to like this book so muchthan I did The premise is difficult if not impossible to swallow The author offers an interesting explanation of the Thomas Seymour Princess Elizabeth scandal I liked the protrayal of Katherine Parr If you can only read one book by this aut

  10. Natalie Natalie says:

    More like a 2.5 bcs it feels like too much context is left out in favor of imagined domestic, romantic, and sexual detail that feels like soap opera filler If there was ever a cast of real world characters who don t need that touch up to create a sense of dramatic arc or intri

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