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With nowhere left to go and a fortune in imperial Russian jewels to protect, Nicholas Massey had only one choice to return to Shenstone, his late uncle s home and the legacy he had never intended to claim The son of an expatriate Englishman and a Russian noblewoman, Nicholas was a consummate spy, yet murder and betrayal had forced him into the open and into direct contact with his uncle s widow, the lovely and aloof Elizabeth Elizabethwith her intriguing ties to the Russian court and her isolation at Shenstone Elizabethwith her intrusive questions and her mysterious secrets Elizabeth who would soon discover that Nicholas numbered among his talents those of a very persuasive, and fantastically accomplished lover Seductive

About the Author: Thea Devine

Thea Devine is the author of eighteen historical romances and four novellas, including her contributions to the Brava anthologies Captivated, Fascinated, and, most recently, All Through the Night Devine lives with her husband of 35 years in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

10 thoughts on “Seductive

  1. Kim Kim says:

    Unrequited love, deception, explicit sex, and in the end true love She has a winner on her hands I am a die hard Devine fan, even though some of her books are better then others Her one constant is the wonderful sex But being a true romantic reader, I like my erotic sex with a side dish of a happy ending This one totally delivered Not all of Ms Devine s books have the romantic endings some of us crave it s not necessary to always have those as long as it is eluded to But this book rocks

  2. Cordelia Linder Cordelia Linder says:

    Saved, by the SexThe only redeeming value of this story, to me, is the erotic sex The characters were trash totally unbelievable WHY This is the second book I have read by this author and am still not impressed Saved, by the SexThe only redeeming value of this story, to me, is the erotic sex The characters were trash totally unbelievable WHY This is the second book I have read by this author and am still not impressed

  3. C J C J says:

    I ve read 207 pages of 346 and I m done Still can t make heads nor tails who, where, what s what. mass confusion

  4. Sienny Zne Sienny Zne says:

    i hate the characters, no sensible plot, messed up storyline if you re lookin for hot and steamy scene, the book has some of it in store but if you wanted at least readible story, the one that makes sense and easy to follow, stay away from this book i found myself completely at lost with the storyline several times throughout the book, and was forced to flip back several page just to had any grasp of the story, but still can t understand how the hell that scene comin from.

  5. Carol Carol says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here When I took this book out on loan from the library I just expected some of the same historical romance stuff This book was not typical It was Wow I was thoroughly entertained and my the things they did with those pearls It also was a book for those of a certain sexual maturity Many would not understand the nuances if they had not been in the erotic dance between a man and a woman I told some of my friends about it and th

  6. Bridget Bridget says:

    Second book I have read of Thea Devine s, but hopefully not the last Really a great mystery story, wrapped in seduction and deceit and confusion Very satisfying conclusion Elizabeth, continually rescuing her bumbling manipulative father from his poor business judgment, marrying an older man to have some security, his death and then his presumed dead heir showing up Complicated plot that resolves well in the end.

  7. Jenifer Jenifer says:

    I didn t care enough about the story to continue reading this book past the first chapter, and the writing style was confusing I ve head enough good things about Devine s books to try another, though.

  8. Kathy Church Kathy Church says:

    I enjoyed the book Good mystery and suspense with erotica to keep you intertained.

  9. Mitzi Mitzi says:

    Pretty good but different.

  10. Susan (the other Susan) Susan (the other Susan) says:

    Tee hee Read it Liked it So sue me.

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