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Tuscaloosa In a sensitive and sensual coming of age story, Phillips offers a poignant critique of the Southern novel genre, in which he questions the very foundations of his society one that condemns women who take blacks or other women as lovers while rewarding the men who commit these women to mental institutions, abort their babies, and drive them to violent death

About the Author: W. Glasgow Phillips

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tuscaloosa book, this is one of the most wanted W Glasgow Phillips author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Tuscaloosa

  1. Jerry Smith Jerry Smith says:

    Eh..Only picked it up because it caught my eye while picking up another book at the library.I m in Alabama so the name intrigued me.Short book, tried to do too much with 2 distinct stories decades apart.Swing and a miss.

  2. George K. George K. says:

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  3. Carmen Carmen says:

    A young man works for his father at a mental institution in Tuscaloosa, AL, taking care of the grounds He falls in love with one of the patients, his mother runs off with another woman in town to form a biracial lesbian Thelma and Louise pair, there is a woman in town whom everyone assumes he will marry, and his best friend blows up building an

  4. Ali Lafferty Ali Lafferty says:

    Meh I disliked this I don t exactly know why, I just felt it had a lot of potential but never really grabbed me And meanwhile there s the Doctor who ties a dog to the hood of his car to track down his runaway wife, the dog sniffing the trail down the highway, and THIS DOCTOR is supposed to be in charge of a whole mental institution Nah Not buying

  5. Susabelle Kelmer Susabelle Kelmer says:

    It was a good story, but would have been just as well told without the profane wrapping, in my opinion That may just be my inner prude coming out And there were a few places where I wasn t quite sure about the time period because some of the things he has them doing or wearing or carrying totally do NOT fit the time period he is indicating in the b

  6. Sariah Dorbin Sariah Dorbin says:

    I read this a little late in life and couldn t believe I d gone so long without having this voice in my brain It s one of those seminal voices writers collect, telling a sweet, quirky love story Why can tmovies be like this book

  7. Jon Jon says:

    This book taught me that love is the most beautiful, the most ugly, the most sublime, and those most imperfect thing all in the same breath and for the same reason Love gives you everything and takes everything away.

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    Had to put this on here This was is one of my brother s best friends growing up.

  9. CK CK says:

    Breathtakingly bad.

  10. Desiree De wit Desiree De wit says:

    Loved it and need to read it again but I remember being captivated Great writing too

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