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Therapeutic Dimensions of Autobiography in Creative Writing It was the author s own experience of fictional autobiography that led Celia Hunt serendipiditously to appreciate that such writing could be therapeutic She noticed, for example, and this was subsequently echoed in many of her students experiences, a beneficial psychological change and increased inner freedom, greater psychic flexability perhaps the key to creativity and psychological health , a stronger sense of personal identity This book tells us about the hows and whys of such therapeutic change AutoBiographyJournal A critical examination of the therapeutic possibilities of autobiographical fiction that draws on perspectives from both psychoanalytic and literary studies The Journal Of Critical Psychology, Counselling and PsychotherapyTherapeutic Dimensions of Autobiography in Creative Writing brings together theory and practice from psychoanalysis, literary and cultural studies and the growing field of creative writing studies It highlights the importance of autobiographical writing not only as an opening into fiction writing, but also as a powerful therapeutic toolCelia Hunt discusses how autobiographical fiction can be used in therapeutic work by art therapists, psychotherapists and creative writing tutors, as well as in personal development by writers of any kind She draws up guidelines for a successful course on autobiography and creative writing, and presents case studies and practical ideas for writing about the selfShe shows how writing autobiographical fiction can help people to explore significant events and relationships in their lives Finding a writing voice in this way clarifies and strengthens the writer s sense of identity, leading to a fuller realisation of his or her potential in life

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